Bonkers Contemporary, founded and curated by Freddie Thomas, is an annual visual art event offering a platform for creative and radical ideas to be shared by new artists of different background and practice. This year, The Biscuit Factory seems like the perfect choice to host this unique and erratic exhibition, with its industrial spaces creating an upbeat atmosphere for the artwork. The exhibition opened with a playful welcoming by the glamorous Lady McFlurry, who led the way to the first floor of the venue, where most of the artworks were exhibited. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and video installations were all quite diverse and divergent, some dark, some colourful, some bearing political messages and other in hedonistic and fetishistic context. I found the uncompromising character of everyday objects very inventive, liberating and amusing; phallic shaped veggies, a female figure sculpted to give us a figure, dream-like representations of fears, multi-shape and colour surrealistic paintings and eerie black and white prints of the obscure, all generated a plethora of reactions from the audience. The artwork’s eccentric mundanity and its audacity managed to successfully vocalise the unheard by triggering a re-imagining of art as medium of communication. People can relate with different pieces in different ways; I found myself raging at Donald Trump, giggling at sex dolls and having a 3D sculptural, claustrophobic experience as I was walking through massive, stone-like black objects. Bonkers Contemporary is a very promising initiative in a visual art scene that needs its revolutionary spirit!