Maybe it was because that warm Saturday afternoon in May my friend Kleopatra – who is an environmental scientist – and I had just come back from a plant identification excursion, that it felt right to go and visit City Art Centre on the first day of their Robert Callender […]

Ape, Police, Doctor, Soldier, Me

When this painting was made in 1997 I was a child and very fond of mainstream cartoon characters, which I would occasionally try to draw myself, very much unsuccessfully. I do remember having a very strong bond with those figures, considering them as being my friends from a different world, […]

Rinus van Hall

Exhilarated is how I feel when visiting Amsterdam; it’s the topos of my innermost nostalgia, the only place that keeps me focused on each and every present moment as I’m surrounded by people who make me feel like I’m home in a very special way that has nothing to do […]

Fractal Paisleys

It was the name of this exhibition that caught my attention and made me want to visit Embassy Gallery for the opening event. I have always been fascinated by Fractals, these patterns of chaos in absolute harmony, but how would that translate into an art exhibition and most importantly, what […]

Vertigo Sea

There’s something special about films without any narration or dialogue; it’s like imagery and soundtrack bear a subjective meaning, guided in a very gentle, liberal and profound way that’s perceived as intuitive knowledge. That’s why I’ve always been fond of such video installations and the main reason why I chose […]


Paradigm is an electronic arts and music festival that brought together many visual and sound artists to present a vibrant, cheerful and interactive event at the Biscuit Factory in Leith, Edinburgh. Being a genuine promoter of the avant-garde, Paradigm staged the innovative works of Alan Brown, Ray Interactive, Hostel Freaks, […]

Bonkers Contemporary

Bonkers Contemporary, founded and curated by Freddie Thomas, is an annual visual art event offering a platform for creative and radical ideas to be shared by new artists of different background and practice. This year, The Biscuit Factory seems like the perfect choice to host this unique and erratic exhibition, […]

Manifesta Amsterdam

One of the things I was very much looking forward to doing on my next visit to Amsterdam, was to explore art spaces I never had the chance to visit as a student. Timing couldn’t have been better when I found myself wandering around the city’s canal streets at the […]

Nearer Future

Today I spent 45 minutes in a different reality; a parallel universe, mind-boggling and exhilarating. I can’t find any other way to describe the work of Heather Lander and Robert Bentall in the Institut Français d’Écosse, presented for the Edinburgh Art Festival. Nearer Future was a 16-minute loop of hypnotic geometrical […]

Good Little Gods

One of my favorite things about Fringe Festival is that you can discover little art gems, hidden away from the crowded centre of Edinburgh, making you feel special that you -among a few other lucky people- are part of one of a kind performances . Good Little Gods, a night […]