Nearer Future

Today I spent 45 minutes in a different reality; a parallel universe, mind-boggling and exhilarating. I can’t find any other way to describe the work of Heather Lander and Robert Bentall in the Institut Français d’Écosse, presented for the Edinburgh Art Festival. Nearer Future was a 16-minute loop of hypnotic geometrical […]

Good Little Gods

One of my favorite things about Fringe Festival is that you can discover little art gems, hidden away from the crowded centre of Edinburgh, making you feel special that you -among a few other lucky people- are part of one of a kind performances . Good Little Gods, a night […]

Hidden Door Festival 2017

I had the absolute pleasure of working with some incredible visual artists for the programme of this year’s Hidden Door Festival, the opening day of which was exactly one month ago today, with 9 spectacular days following and bringing an end to what had been a truly amazing journey. Here […]

Leith Late Festival 2017

Leith Late is an arts organisation that puts together an annual public event of music, visual arts and performances along Leith Walk. From the 25 events and exhibitions of its 2017 diverse programme, three were my personal favourites, all different but equality unique. On the opening day I visited Edinburgh […]

-}}}}}} : {{{+}}}

When I was writing my master thesis in 2015, theorizing otherness and the importance of it in the self-defining process as reflected on a micro and macro level of interconnectedness, I would have never imagined that I would have the chance to attend an art exhibition so close to my […]

Custom House – Trina Bohan

With Scottish Historic Buildings Trust’s initiative to bring Custom House back to public use, a beautiful event was held in Leith, where this prominent building is was established in 1812. Surrounded by all types of artists, painters, jewellers, designers, it was Trina Bohan’s work that caught my attention when I […]

Quicky! Pop Up Exhibition

A video installation of art in the making through moving landscapes of nomadic behaviorism; 90 red-faded prints declaring that ‘ART IS GOOD  FOR YOU’; 4 strangely but powerfully interconnected human shapes made of of different fabric and colour; DOK Artist Space became, at the end of April 2017, the house […]

Kitchen & Waterloo

Haley McGee is a comedian actress that makes you want to cry your eyes out during her shows because her characters and stories feel incredibly personal somehow. I had the chance of watching her perform I’m doing this for you in Edinburgh during Fringe Festival 2016 in Summerhall and I […]


Jon Blackwood curated an eclectic exhibition in Summerhall in March 2017, bringing together 3 artists whose artwork is phenomenally quite irrelevant to each other yet very harmonically combined. David Blyth’s prints of symmetrical patterns, Alan Grieve’s humorous drawings of real life situations and Derrick Guild’s predominant animal figures negotiated the interaction […]