The Descent From Forbidden Energy States

Coup de Theatre exhibition set in Meadows Gallery in December 2016 in Summerhall, displayed various artworks  made at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and Royal College of Art. My favorite one was The Descent From Forbidden Energy States by Chloe Windsor, who captured me by the way she negotiated sculptural qualities with her use […]

Tate Modern

I’ve always been interested in the different ways that people engage with art, mainly in well-established museums and galleries and the sense of urgency their reputation generates. Are all these artworks good because people like them or do people like them because they are good? The Euthyphro dilemma of Art! […]

acts of dis play

Lights and philosophy, paintings and sculpture, video installations and broken TV screens and at the center of multidimensional exhibition, a tree emerging from prosaic objects rising like a phoenix from its ashes. In Talbot Rice Gallery, early November 2016, Rob Kennedy triggered an open, tripartite dialogue between art,space and visitors, […]

Inverleith House

In the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Inverleith House is a gorgeous gallery of contemporary art combined with botany. ‘I Still Believe in Inverleith House’ is a movement driven by people who are determined not to let this historic and internationally respected gallery close permanently, as decided by […]


This obscure art performance guided everyone through Jupiter Artland’s woodland, off the beaten track led by mysticism and eccentricity one mild evening in August 2016. Nemoralia turned the sculpture park into a new world of exploration bringing many artists together for a one of a kind show presented by Alexa […]

States of Time

I always thought Time is a very complex notion due to its subjective perception by different individuals. On the other hand, this is exactly why Time can be such a fascinating and challenging art object. Damián Ortega managed to visualise Time through five stages of valley erosion carved in clay. […]

From here to ear

From here to ear v.20 by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot is definitely the most mesmerizing art installation I’ve ever seen in my life. Dozens of zebra finches flying around their big, open-air cage filled with electric guitars and amplifiers, creating an amazing composition of bird-singing and harmonic feedback. An extraordinary conceptualisation of […]

Jupiter Artland

It’s the interaction between nature and art that makes visiting Jupiter Artland a unique and engaging aesthetic experience that is almost spiritual and definitely inspiring, as it triggers creativity as well. In this sculpture park, nature makes art seem complete and their interconnectedness renders it very distinctive compared to other […]