Thessaloniki Street Art

Navarinou Square in the co-capital of  Greece, Thessaloniki, is an archaeological place from the Roman Period that’s in public use nowadays, full of cafes, bars and shops at the centre of the city. It’s considered quite an alternative part of Thessaloniki with a lot of people playing music on the […]

Amsterdam: Love Me

November 2015. Don’t forget to love Amsterdam. Don’t forget to get inspired by its beauty. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the cyclists that run in its veins. Don’t forget to enjoy sunny days like you did back then you were lying on the grass of its gorgeous busy […]

Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival illuminated that cold winter with more than 30 light installations throughout the city, which looked like a dreamland. People had the chance to enjoy this festival to the fullest with tours, canal cruises, concerts and special events that were part of it. All these bright artworks made […]

The Snake House

Taking a break from my ‘History, Cultural Memory and Trauma’ class in Bungehuis, Spuistraat. View from the classroom’s window (November 2014), this extraordinary graffiti was a rest for both the eyes and the mind. It used to be a squat right at the centre of the city, house of artists […]

Museum Nacht

A night at the museums! Most of Amsterdam museums, galleries and art spaces are open from 7 pm to 2 am for the Museum Nacht in November and the whole city turns into a treasure map with thousands of people looking for little art gems jumping from one tram to the […]