One of my favorite things about Fringe Festival is that you can discover little art gems, hidden away from the crowded centre of Edinburgh, making you feel special that you -among a few other lucky people- are part of one of a kind performances . Good Little Gods, a night of poetry, a string trio and live illustration hosted by Decagram and Volcano, was a feast for the eyes and ears! Ryan Van Winkle‘s haunting words were as powerful as his pauses, sometimes climaxing with music and other paving the way  for intricate improvisations by Esther Swift (harp), Atzi Muramatsu (cello) and Tim Vincent-Smith (violin), all these depicted in brilliant watercolour and pencil sketches by Ruby Scott-Geddes. The Leith Volcano, a 19th century gothic church turned into a venue for the festival, was ideal for this atmospheric multi-performance that captured the audience. Poetry, music and illustration at their finest!