Misty Me is the sound of a love bond breaking; a song about the last goodbye while longing for mercy. Its story takes place at the very moment of separation with the bittersweet feeling of heartbreak as the only road to hopefulness. Misty Me resonates ‘once special, always special’ and through the clouds of the worst times it becomes a proclamation of healing.

Listen here: https://ampl.ink/4xEq6

Recorded and mixed by Graeme Young at Chamber Studio
Produced by Graeme Young, Bruce Wallace and Katherine Aly
Harp by Baby Taylah
Guitar by Bruce Wallace
Mastered by Reuben Taylor
Released on 24 Apr 2020 via CD Baby 

You cried out without a word
Earsplitting sound remained unheard
A countdown that never started ends
Reveries ask for their revenge

Inside out and upside down
Far from returning safe and sound
I’ll keep you company until
you look away and disappear
Go with the voices that you trust
Make me unreal if you must
What are we even searching for?
We breathe together all alone

I’m just a cloud over your head
Let it pour me down in your veins
I’m just a cloud over your head
Let me wash away what you dread

Cause after all, love is all
And I will celebrate what we could have been

I’m just a cloud over your head
Let it pour me down in your veins
I’m just a cloud over your head
Let me wash away what you dread


Darkly compelling” – The Unsigned Guide (Spotlight on May 2020)

​”synths… wonderful in their creepiness; it’s not difficult to imagine them gracing a similarly-unsettling Bjork track or Disasterpiece score” – Discover Music Scotland 

​”a track that just gives you the music you need to hear in that moment” – Music OT Future 

”Misty Me is a song that is well executed in its composition, beautifully performed and easily relatable!” – The Music Below 

​”Scotland has been ripe with some superb alternative singer/songwriter talents in the last few years and Katherine Aly is the latest to join the roster” – Higher Plain Music

Stirring idiosyncratic dreamy pop tune” – The Ginger Quiff 

​”Great voice…great tune…absolutely sensational” – New Music Saturday 

wonderful” – NOSW Podacast 

great voice” – Clunk

Interview with Unrated Magazine (2020)