Today I spent 45 minutes in a different reality; a parallel universe, mind-boggling and exhilarating. I can’t find any other way to describe the work of Heather Lander and Robert Bentall in the Institut Français d’Écossepresented for the Edinburgh Art Festival. Nearer Future was a 16-minute loop of hypnotic geometrical patterns that filled a white, dark room with colourful lights while Telian, an astonishing electronic song of experimentation with frequencies and string harmonies, functioned as psalmody adding to an incredibly immersive experience. The light sculpture, multifaceted and abstract, was giving the impression of a dimension emerging through another dimension and another dimension and another dimension, as it was changing in all different shades of the colour spectrum. And then music lost any cohesion; its structure didn’t matter anymore! It was the perfect interaction with the chaotic harmony that the projections radiated. Aerial figures rose from light like guiding spirits and the whole installation seemed like a different world itself, separated from ours, yet somehow very familiar. In that room futurism met shamanism, technology embraced spirituality and sonic art was a hymn to visual art. I watched the loop 3 times. At some point I wasn’t sure if was hallucinating or not. There were no boundaries between what I was experiencing and what was really projected. All realities were interweaved. A glimpse into the future?